The Q Cup

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How is the Q-Coil™ different from other Quartz coils? 

Q-Coil™ is the only coil on the market that encases the metal coil in a Quartz tube.  All others still have the metal coil exposed and wrapped around it.

2.     Why is the Q-Coil™ design better than other Quartz coils and bare metal coils?

Since the Q-Coil™ encases the metal coil, it eliminates the metal taste, cuts down on heavy metal particle inhalation from the coil by as much as 95%, eliminates dry hits off the metal coil, and more.  Flavor is enhanced while reducing the amount of power needed, thereby extending battery life.

3.     Why do e-liquids taste better when vaped off of the Q-Coil™?

The comments we received during testing indicated that the vape tasted “better,” “cleaner,” “organic,” and that “it doesn’t have that usual metal taste.”  All of this can be attributed to vaping off of our laboratory grade Quartz, instead of a metal coil.

4.     Why does the Q-Coil™ last longer than a regular metal coil?

Since the Q-Coil™ Quartz covers the metal coil, most of the vaping occurs on the Quartz.  The metal coil does not get nearly as much residue on it and the life is significantly lengthened, up to 2X the life of a bare metal coil.

5.     How often should I change the metal coil inside my Q-Coil™?

Peak performance of the Q-Coil™ is up to 500 uses.  For continued peak performance, change with the additional coil provided after 500 uses.

6.     When is it time to get a new Q-Coil™?

When you observe a buildup of residue on or inside the Q-Coil™.

7.     Why does the battery last longer?

Since the Quartz heats up more quickly than the metal coil, less power is used during vaping, resulting in up to 3X battery life.

8.     Why does the wick last longer?

Since the wick is on the Quartz and not the metal, it does not burn as easily.

9.     Where is the Q-Coil™ made?

We are proud to say that the Q-Coil™ is MADE IN THE USA!

10.     Is it ok to vape naked?

You Can Vape Naked, If You Want To, But Always... COVER YOUR COIL!

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