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HOW TO USE - Qwik-T Tank

WARNING: Thoroughly Read All Instructions Before Using This Tank and Q-Cup™.


Qwik-T User Instructions:


Qwik-T User Instructions:
1. Remove glass tank dome from base (pull straight up do not wiggle back and forth as you may break the glass). 
2. Unscrew holding cap from top of coil.
3. Insert Q-Cup™ into coil making sure it is open end up. 
4. Screw holding cap back on top of coil. 
5. Re-attach glass tank dome to base. 
6. Connect base to battery. 
7. Check wattage (Recommended wattage is 10-30 watts; over 30 watts may burn out coil).
8. Pre-heat coil for 5-10 seconds, or as desired based upon a) the thickness of the concentrate in the Q-Cup; b) the wattage being used; and c) how quickly vaporization begins. (Higher wattages will vaporize concentrate more quickly and produce more of a cloud. Lower wattages will provide a cooler more flavorful vape).
9. Inhale with a medium to slow consistent draw for best results. 
WARNING: The glass tank will become hot with consecutive inhalations.

Replacing the Coil:
1. After allowing all components to cool down, remove glass tank dome from base (pull straight up do not wiggle back and forth as you may break the glass). 
2. Unscrew coil from base.  
3. Screw in new coil into base and reattach the glass tank dome.

Handling the Q-Cup™:


WARNING: Allow all components to cool down before removing the Q-Cup™

* Once vaping material has been fully used, discard Q-Cup™ and replace with a new one.

 In the event that the Q-Cup does not come out easily after use, please use the enclosed tool, as shown, to push out Q-Cup from the bottom of the coil chamber.  DO NOT BANG COIL CHAMBER TO REMOVE Q-Cup as this will damage the coil chamber and void any warranty.

Proper Vaping Posture: 


To avoid spillage of your concentrate while vaping, do not allow the device to exceed a tilt of more than 45˚.

Keep device upright through its cool-down phase to allow concentrate to solidify and to avoid spillage.


WARNING: Glass Globe, coil housing and Q-Cup get EXTREMELY HOT during use. Always allow components to sufficiently cool before touching or removing Q-Cup.

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